There are plenty of options out there when it comes to first step shoes. Catering every style and of course budget, but also very different in length, rigidness and overall build. Most of the time, this is unfortunately a bit regrettable, as a lot of producers never concern themselves with foot health guidelines which are especially important when it comes to footwear for toddlers.

During such a crucial stage of development, your baby mainly needs to be either barefoot / only wearing socks – most recommended by healthcare professionals everywhere – or wearing first step shoes that support the natural development of feet.

It’s natural to also practice first steps and early walk outside, so feet need to be protected from potential damage caused by the less friendly environment. This is when constrictiveness, stiffness and even toxicity of mainstream footwear can alter the best possible development of kids’ feet.

Choosing baby shoes can be difficult, yet thankfully you are here on our website looking at some of the best features footwear has to offer for your entire family. Tikki Shoes are manufactured backed by years and years of research and constant development with the sole purpose of creating shoes that provide all the benefits of being barefoot.

As the Paediatrics Child Health magazine states, we know that shoes need to be chosen for protection and grip, not correction. Also, according to heavily quoted scientific research and guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, toddler footwear needs to offer room for their fast growing feet, avoid heavily stiffened and compressive shoes.

This way, it allows for ankle and foot muscle natural development and stays clear from causing deformity, weakness and mobility loss. The AAP states the barefoot model as the best option for baby first step shoes.

Here’s how wearing Tikki Shoes first step barefoot shoes compares to just buying off the shelf, in regard to most common child footwear issues.

Mainstream footwear issue: harmfully rigid shoes which modify the natural shape of developing feet and can lead to deformity

Tikki Shoes: perfectly flexible, all-directions bending soft and comfy leather shoes that support natural development and change shape according to the foot, not the other way around
Mainstream footwear issue: constrictive designs that rarely take into account the need for toe space

Tikki Shoes: healthy toe space, enough room and flexibility to let them grow and wiggle as much as they need
Mainstream footwear issue: often contains industrial toxic substances like chrome, which are then absorbed through the skin

Tikki Shoes: signature Chrome-Free materials that prevent any toxic substances from being absorbed by the skin, with or without wearing socks
Mainstream footwear issue: feet-dragging heavy footwear that harms natural muscle development and is a burden to walk in

Tikki Shoes: super light shoes to support full natural range of motion, so pleasant to wear one might often forget that they’re on
Mainstream footwear issue: irrelevant and even harmful corrective inserts like arches, excessive ankle support and others

Tikki Shoes: complete pro-natural growth design developed and improved over years and years of manufacturing our dear footwear
Mainstream footwear issue: expensive and sometimes VERY expensive for what it offers

Tikki Shoes: proud to offer the absolute best price – quality ratio for fairtrade, manufactured footwear produced in our ethical workspace located in Timișoara, western Romania, part of the European Union

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