We value kids’ feet development a lot as this sets the stage for the rest of their movement growing up.


The best barefoot shoes for kids are comfortable and allow your kids’ feet to develop naturally and with no interference. Wearing barefoot shoes means that we can ensure toddlers and kids to develop a natural walking and running gait while keeping a sensory connection to the world beneath their feet.


The best barefoot shoes should have a wide toe box that fits the natural shape of the foot, with flexible and thin soles and a zero-drop platform, so that the body aligns perfectly.



5. Vivobarefoot Primus

Best for: everyday barefoot shoes adapted to urban movement and style

Price range: from $60 for sandals up to $90 for leather shoes

About Vivobarefoot Primus


With a wide range of styles in the kids’ barefoot shoe lineup, Vivobarefoot offers a lot of options for active, everyday shoes, sandals, and boots.


Although they may seem a bit pricey at first, these barefoot shoes for kids are one of the best options out there on the market, considering their design, shape, and durability.


These shoes are designed to give fantastic grip and flexibility, allowing kids to explore as nature intended, over any surface. Their organic and recycled materials mean your child can explore freely while treading lightly on the environment.


Top Features:

  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Shaped for the foot
  • Added breathability
  • Recycled materials & natural leather


Get the Vivobarefoot Primus collection here.

4. Splay Athletics

Best for: durable & flexible everyday kids’ barefoot shoes

Price range: $40 to $50

About Splay Athletics

Splay Athletics focuses on creating kids’ barefoot shoes exclusively and they do it quite well. Their shoes are affordable, really comfortable, and super easy to put on or take off - and we know from experience the importance of this aspect for kids.


Splay Athletics make their shoes in a true barefoot manner, with the right-sized toe box, zero drop platform, and breathable microfiber materials. They are tough, but flexible; fun, but stylish; offer foot protection, but also allow toe splay and natural gait.


Top Features:

  • Flexible, with extra grip
  • High-tech vulcanized rubber soles
  • Comfortable, durable, and breathable
  • Durable microfiber accents


Get the Splay Athletics collection here.

Special Feature: The new Tikki® MOON boots for juniors

Best for: premium natural leather, cool new funky design

Price range: from $40 up to $80, depending on materials and sizing

About Tikki MOON

Tikki® Shoes: The Moon boots for juniors come in 2 different models, with extra comfort, flexibility and added layers for protection. First, there’s the model that’s made out of nappa leather, featuring a Chrome-free lining, with a removable 2mm foam insole. Secondly, we’ve produced another model, made out of suede leather that’s not only scratch-resistant but also super easy to maintain.


This time we went with an extra funky design, nature-inspired, in cold, neutral colors, a minimalist style. We’ve carefully selected some uber-cool prints perfect for any creative outfits.

Top Features:

  • Premium quality nappa leather & suede leather
  • The sole is only 3mm thick, for an amazing ground-feel
  • Taller inner walls of the shoe, for added protection
  • Great flexibility in all directions for full barefoot feeling
  • Extremely lightweight, only about 450g


Get the Tikki MOON Boots here.

3. Be Lenka Penguin

Best for: stylish, durable and high-quality kids' barefoot shoes

Price range: $60 to $90

About Be Lenka Penguin

Be Lenka offers barefoot shoes which are handmade in Europe with nubuck leather. Thanks to their minimalistic lightweight design and skin-friendly materials, the Penguin collection of barefoot shoes ensures great comfort, so they’re perfect for playgrounds, a walk in the park or any other urban environments.


Usually, kids’ barefoot shoes come in limited styles and colors, but we were happy to see that Be Lenka shares our love for fun patterns and funky design.


Top Features:

  • Ultra-thin and flexible, 6mm sole
  • Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Breathable fabric liner

Get the Be Lenka Penguin collection here.

2. Wildling

Best for: natural, organic barefoot shoes in tone with nature

Price range: the toddlers’ line starts at $60, and the kids’ line starts at $70

About Wildling Barefoot Shoes

Every single Wildling barefoot shoe is handmade and therefore one of a kind - we absolutely love that about them! They offer barefoot shoes for toddlers (the Cubs range), juniors & teenagers (the Wildling range) and also for adults (the Rewild range).


Besides the care they put into the design and flexibility of each shoe, Wildling also focuses on using sustainable, vegan materials in its shoe line-up, like organic cotton, linen and wool.


The Wilding kids’ barefoot shoes are flexible and easy to wear, offering a great ground feel and full freedom of movement.


Top Features:

  • Super flexible & thin sole of 2.5mm
  • Protection against moisture
  • Great barefoot & ground feel

Get the Wilding collection here.

1. Tikki® Harlequin

Best for: natural materials, funky design, wide toe box

Price range: from $30 up to $60, depending on materials and sizing

About Tikki Harlequin

By now, we’re sure most of you know about our brand & love for barefoot shoes. But we couldn’t have completed this list without sneaking in our own Tikki® kids shoes, right?


Harlequin is one of our top collections for kids’ shoes, complete with every advantage specific to the design requirements of barefoot footwear. The name is meant to reflect the joy of childhood, its lively colors and pure fun - a top requirement for any youngster out there. They are adapted for all activities and feature a wide toe box, natural shape and a fresh design.


Top Features:

  • Premium quality materials
  • All-directions bending natural rubber 3mm sole
  • Chrome Free lining
  • Extremely lightweight, only about 250g


Get the Tikki Harlequin Shoes here.

Barefoot shoes characteristics, a staple of the Tikki Shoes brand – super flexibility, excellent lightness, complete care for the skin, healthiest support for walking and natural development as recommended by pediatricians everywhere – are constantly part of our dear footwear.


We always work with a lot of love and care to improve and evolve with each collection we launch. Wearing Tikki® shoes will also help the little ones learn about recycling and sustainability from an early age - something we truly care about.


It All Comes Down To The Barefoot Properties Of Kids Shoes


All the products featured in our article meet our requirements for healthy barefoot footwear: wide toe box, ground feel, zero-drop platform, great flexibility and natural, breathable materials. Whether you go for the Vivobarefoot Primus, Splay Athletics, Be Lenka Penguin, Wildling or our own Tikki, you can be confident that you will get the best bang for your buck!


So here it is, the list with the best & most popular barefoot shoes for kids out there. We hope that you have found this information to be helpful.


What are some of your personal requirements in choosing the best barefoot shoes for your kids? Let’s talk!