Tikki Shoes launches the first collection for teenagers with a brand-new, innovative sole


We are beyond excited to officially let you all know that the brand-new Tikki collection for teenagers is finally here! We’ve been working on this project for over a year now, and we’re super proud to show you the super-cool and funky  Tikki Shoes Moon collection for teenagers of all ages. Plus, we’re also launching the new Tikki flexible 3mm sole that will make Tikki your go-to barefoot shoes. We promise!

Brace yourselves: Details about our epic shoes are coming!

Moon Tikki shoes for teens: usability, materials and size 

Tikki Shoes Moon collection for teenagers - usability

We’ve been dreaming about this collection for so long, but you know how we are: we always pour all our passion, love and care into creating the best and most healthy barefoot shoes available out there on the market. 

Our product development processes always work hand in hand with a more empathetic approach to the world we live in too. Wearing Tikki shoes will help you even with teaching kids about recycling and sustainability from an early age.

So even though it’s been a long time coming, we bet they’ll climb right up to the top of your favorites list! We invested a lot of time in researching, prototyping, optimizing, improving, and, in the end, designing these new barefoot shoes. For so long we’ve been studying all the functionality features of this collection, that by now we bet we could even write a book all about it!

But let’s not get carried away. There are obviously some key elements that we had to take into account when producing the new collection of barefoot shoes for teens:

The new shoes had to be light, but resistant, in order to support the active lives of teenagers, discovering new hobbies or passions. So the best option we decided to go with for the sole’s material was synthetic rubber, organically produced in Portugal. It was the obvious choice for us, as it’s produced according to our own standards, in terms of quality, work ethics, anti-waste culture and so on.

We’ve kept the thickness of the sole to just about 3mm, for extra comfort and flexibility. For some time now, we’ve been studying and testing different options to find the right size that would provide an excellent ground feel and freedom feel with every step along the way. And well, this new sole passed the test with straight A’s!

In terms of functionality, we aimed to gain some well-needed additional protection against stains and moisture. So we designed the shoes with a taller inner wall that embraces the feet perfectly, enhancing the body’s natural mechanics.

And we couldn’t possibly forget about maybe the most important aspect - that total barefoot feeling we’ve all got so accustomed to. In order to provide it with the new  Tikki Shoes Moon collection, we designed the shoes with full flexibility capabilities, in all directions you could imagine. 


Tikki Shoes Moon collection for teenagers - premium materials & sizes

Now, when it comes to materials, we’ve kept it all very true to our values & principles. Tikki® Shoes: The Moon shoes for teenagers come in 2 different models, with extra comfort, flexibility and added layers for protection. 

First, there’s the model that’s made out of nappa leather, featuring a Chrome-free lining, with a removable 2mm foam insole.

Secondly, we’ve produced another model, made out of suede leather that’s not only scratch-resistant but also super easy to maintain. 

To boost the flexibility of the new Tikki Shoes Moon collection, we’ve used a 3mm sole that allows the feet to move smoothly, in a natural, comforting way. And besides, you also gain additional protection against stains and moisture, provided by the taller inner walls of the shoes.

This new collection for teens comes in sizes 30-35, perfectly suitable for medium to wide feet. They can be used all year round, but for cold days we recommend replacing the removable foam insoles with the optional felt insoles available here for extra warmth and snuggly effect.

The Tikki Shoes Moon collection in sizes 36-39 is more suitable for narrow to medium feet, being also perfectly wearable all year round with the above-mentioned adjustments. 

The design of the Tikki Shoes Moon for teenagers

Now, to be honest, this is where it all got a bit more challenging during the whole design process for our new shoes. Here’s the deal: most barefoot shoes out there, well… let’s say that most of them are not that cool. So we wanted to create a pair of barefoot shoes for teenagers that feel good, and also look amazing. 

This time we went with an extra funky design, nature-inspired, in cold, neutral colors, a minimalist style that will make any adolescent feel confident when wearing. We’ve carefully selected some uber-cool prints perfect for any creative outfits.

By the way, we’re truly grateful for your help: it’s been so great to be able to hear your feedback on our Facebook group, the place where we can all share the same passion for barefoot shoes. If you’re reading this and you’re not part of our Facebook community created for barefoot aficionados - head over here, join the group and enjoy the conversation.

Back to the design now :)

This time, we were inspired by nature itself, focusing on a very vital element: oxygen, something extremely light but so vital for life.

The tiny bubbles on the sole are arranged in the shape of 5 fingers and intertwined so as to reconstruct the Tikki® logo. These bubbles not only have an aesthetic role, but also a functional one because they offer an additional grip.

The new Tikki Shoes for teenagers come in nappa leather and suede

As we’ve mentioned before, there will be 2 models available, one made out of nappa leather and one made out of suede.

The suede used is super easy to maintain and it has an added scratch-resistant layer. Moreover, it’s water-resistant, so children can play freely in any weather conditions. 

The super soft nappa leather is of premium, luxurious quality, with an added waxed layer, for extra protection against any signs of wear and tear.

Kids learn best when they keep their bodies moving – and moving barefoot is even better for their growing feet, bodies, and brains too. 

The benefits of barefoot shoes for teenagers

Foot health really should come before fashion, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise the design, right? With every new collection, we strive to keep our Tikki shoes funky yet healthy.

So here are 4 reasons you should definitely try Tikki shoes, the perfect barefoot alternative for teenagers:


1. Increased sensory feedback

Our feet help us get in contact with the Earth every time we move. It’s how we keep ourselves grounded and balanced, for a wholesome and healthy life. They’re packed with nerve endings that create a vital sensory feedback loop that keeps our body and brain connected to our feet. brains to feet and the rest of the body. In order to promote a healthy, happy movement, we need to take care of our roots with the right pair of barefoot shoes.

2. A stronger foundation for the body

It's never too late to develop some foot strength and mobility. Our barefoot shoes for teenagers are designed especially to allow the feet to function naturally so that teens can actively build a strong foundation with each step. The Tikki shoes barefoot sole is made of natural, super flexible and resistant rubber, helping the muscles develop healthily while building strength, improving impact absorption and overall stability. Kids that grow through their teenage years wearing barefoot shoes have stronger feet, fewer injuries and less flat-feet (linked to arch strength).

3. Better, healthier posture and walk

Most shoes available on the mainstream market do not follow the foot’s natural shape and instead of supporting our bodies, they throw us off-balance. A narrow sole acts similar to a cast, preventing the feet from anchoring the body. In the long term, it lessens our physical abilities. And with youngster’s lives becoming increasingly screen-filled, this is not an option. And the Tikki shoes for teenagers will help your kids live a happy and healthy life.

4. Small Change, Big Results

The simple act of choosing better footwear is a single, simple choice, that actually gets to impact your body over and over. Trust us, once you and your kids experience the freedom, there will be no going back. Choosing barefoot shoes means you will enjoy a better quality of life, from your stronger feet and you will forget about any foot pain or even back pain. It’s truly that gift that keeps on giving. You can enjoy all the freedom your feet need with just the right pair of barefoot shoes.


Barefoot shoes are designed in a way that can help your feet grow as nature intended them to in the first place. The wider the toe box of the shoe, the stronger your toes and feet muscles. It's all in the mechanics of the walk itself. And we've been ignoring it for the sake of fashion trends for far too long. This doesn't mean that barefoot shoes can't be fashionable, though. We make ours extra funky. But don’t take our word for it - check them out for yourselves, here!


Walk freely with the new funky Tikki Shoes: The Moon shoes for teenagers.