Every day, more and more people rediscover that barefoot walking is a joyful experience. Along with plenty of health and wellbeing benefits, walking barefoot outside shines the spotlight back on an almost forgotten connection between Earth and the human body. Can we afford to be so disconnected from our very origin?

Let’s not go into dry science and medical observation today. Don’t get this wrong, we here at Tikki Shoes very much understand, read up and cultivate ourselves with both medical science articles and general scientific research regarding footwear, its use, how it impacts movement and body mechanics, growth, etc. But there’s always so much more than just stone cold facts.

Like feeling. Like actually going out, taking off your shoes and just feeling the ground beneath your feet. Your soles, your muscles, your nerves might need some time to readjust. Yet when they do, you’ll once again be able to experience some of the most comforting and relaxing moments in life. To feel is to live. So many types of shoes constrict, smother and repress what feet should feel. Have your revenge, take them off and walk away connected to the Earth. Walking with your bare feet on the ground, grass, sand or other surfaces you deem safe will have your muscles and stance back to natural in no time! Today a little bit, a lot more as you repeat and keep walking barefoot.

As you may have guessed by now, the answer to our question is YES, the best time to be barefoot is RIGHT NOW. And may we add, as soon as possible. The warm season is here and that’s the absolute best time to be barefoot. Summer is around the corner and toes wriggle at the mere idea of being back out into the sun to feel the breeze. For women who are only now rediscovering the pleasure and benefits of walking barefoot, and of course for those who already did, Tikki Shoes has reimagined and launched the SOUL and VIBE sandals collections. For the youngest of barefoot walking, our new kids sandals collection is almost here. Barefoot shoes and barefoot friendly shoes are the best way to enjoy the barefoot lifestyle even when wearing shoes is necessary. Our dear footwear takes away the hazards while allowing the feeling.

Go barefoot, feel.